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Best of Discover Weekly intelligently senses what tracks from your Spotify™ Discover Weekly playlist you like, and saves them for you. Zero configuration, just set-it and save. You can also earn digital badges and give you analytics on your listening history within Discover Weekly, for FREE. 📈

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Simple, Automatic & Easy

Enjoy what you like about Discover Weekly, just listening and enjoy! No need to tap the 'Like' button, the service will automatically listen in the background and see what songs you like and save them for you!

Listening Stats

Interested to see how long you listened to tracks from Discover Weekly? We got you covered! You can also see top tracks and which day and hour you listen the most during the week!

See Past Engagement

Ever wondered which Discover Weekly week you listed to the most? We calcuate your engagement stats for previous weeks and show them to you in an easy format.

Weekly Digest

At the end of each week, we will send you a digest email with all your analytics, top songs about Discover Weekly engagement.

Share with Friends

You can share your weekly digest with friends, so they can see your top tracks and listening stats, such as time listened, tracks played and tracks added to your playlist!


Race to the top of the Best of Discover Leaderboards, by listening all tracks in your Discover Weekly playlist, and brag to your friends!

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